Friday, March 25, 2011

My Travelogue-eLearning

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The Chinese Garden is the place for people particularly adults relax themselves and escape for the busy city. There are some fun activities there for daring adults like kayaking. There is a tortoise museum in it where tourists and other visitors get to feed tortoises and see different species of tortoises which looks very unique. Some people go to Chinese Garden to exercise as it has a very cool environment there which is perfect for exercising. Some just go there to spend time with their family members while admiring the breath-taking sceneries of Chinese Garden.

Location 2: 35485795.jpg
35485795.jpg      Taman Jurong Greens is a very amazing place to explore for kids. It has a bicycle trail and many fun and exciting playgrounds. It is also a place for senior citizens to go to as there is a lot of greenery there and an exercising corner. It is also  where most people host events. The Greens Park is the best place to be if you are stressed of city life and want some relaxation and laughter.

The best place for kids to have fun is the Jurong East Swimming Complex. It has thrilling rides and many types of activities for everyone of every age. There are relaxing rides for the elderly, high speed slides for the youngsters and kiddy pools for the toddlers. It is a very thrilling experience.
                                                                                                 -Nur Fathiah Binti Muhammad Adnan (2)